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Building a Sustainable Business for Growth

The SEAM framework unfolds through the eyes of a fictional entrepreneur (based in reality) named Mora, who recognizes the barriers keeping her business from growing. She finds a valuable framework for her organizational transformation in the SEAM 4-step process. Readers learn alongside Mora while receiving inspiration and instruction on applying the model to their businesses.

The SEAM Framework?

Achieving Organizational Transformation in 4 Steps
Capture the current state of the business.
Explore possibilities and innovations to enhance
the current state. This step fosters creativity,
encourages new ideas, and drives growth and success.
Take the decisions made during the Envision step and
transform them into a concrete action plan. This step involves
not only developing the plan but also executing it effectively.
Develop performance indicators to measure and evaluate
the impact of the implemented changes.
This crucial step empowers SEAM users to make informed
adjustments, facilitating continuous evolution and growth of the business.
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Meet Dr. Wallace

Dr. Madeleine F. Wallace is the founder of Windrose Vision, with over 25 years of experience guiding for-profit, nonprofit, and governmental organizations through challenging organizational and technological transformation. She emigrated from Peru and became one of the few foreign-born Latina doctorates, which is much less than 1% of the US Population, giving her unique insights into various markets. She is an in-demand conference speaker and a seasoned trainer in data-driven decision-making and adaptive culture. She is a proud alumnus of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business, Latino Business Action Network, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business, and NHLI Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School.

LBAN Alumna badge issued by the Latino
Action Network to Dr. Madeleine F. Wallace
Dr. Wallace expertise are:
Organizational Transformation
Performance Measurement and Management
Accountability in Government
Monitoring and Evaluation
My Personal Story

The Beginning

I emigrated to the USA on my own in 1985 to pursue my education. I'm from Peru's southern region, which is known for its sense of loyalty. I was raised near an active volcano and the sea. Mollendo, a coastal city with lovely beaches, has a laid-back and peaceful atmosphere, but Arequipa, where I eventually relocated, has the allure of a Spanish colonial city. In my early years, these two worlds coexisted: one with the laid-back "live one day at a time philosophy" and the other with reverence for custom and history. I thus adhere to the same attitude of attempting to comprehend others' perspectives. This is why my leadership style is adapting and changing to meet people where they are.

A Beach sunsut

A Legacy

The legacy of my mother keeps me grounded too. She died in 2020 and I couldn’t travel to Peru because of the pandemic. She challenged cultural expectations of what type of careers or jobs outside the home that women should pursue. She constantly reminded me - with her words and actions - that “a woman can do anything, anywhere, anytime.” In her eyes, simply trying was winning and there were no losers as long as one has made the effort to prepare, prior to embarking in a goal. She taught me to tap into my inner strength and believe that women create their own opportunities. This is why I support entrepreneurs.

A peruvian old construction  place


I am authentic in whatever I do. I believe that actions speak louder than words. I am a results-driven entrepreneur with a passion for teaching and learning. I believe in the power of interdisciplinary teams because they build on each other’s expertise to achieve common, shared goals. I am passionate about my business because no single project is the same, I get to be innovative, apply cutting-edge technologies, and create new frameworks and methods to solve real problems that federal government agencies, universities, non-profits, and businesses are facing. My work keeps me on my toes since I must keep up with the recent trends in technology and best practices.

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